Here is some of the feedback we have received in the past:


“It’s such a valuable service, and peer-to-peer talking can be so much less intimidating and indeed more helpful for it.”

“I called when I was walking home late at night in the dark. It was nice to hear a friendly voice on the other side of the phone, just to let me chat openly about whatever I wanted, and I felt much safer whilst on the phone and happier afterwards”

“It can be difficult to know what to expect from the service, but I would tell people not to feel that they can’t call for any reason because they feel it’s unworthy/ their issue isn’t big enough, because the service is for anyone and everyone”

“It gave me a chance to voice what was going on and make sense of the situation, just by talking about it.”

“Not long after a death in the family, I remember not being able to sleep and feeling very blue. I wanted to stop feeling lonely but didn’t want to wake my housemates, so I just rang Nightline and didn’t say anything.  They stayed on the line with me as long as I needed, and it helped me to feel a little more at peace.”