Listening Volunteers

We are always needing new volunteers to help our service run as well as it can. We ask volunteers to do one shift, from 8pm - 8am, at least every 3 weeks. Shifts are on campus, always with another person, and you are able to sleep and work between calls.

To become a volunteer with us, you must attend and pass our training weekend. We hold two training weekends a year, usually one in October and one in February. Register your interest by clicking here! or contact the training officers.

If you have any queries or concerns about being a volunteer, feel free to email us.


Just see what some of our current volunteers have to say about their experiences:

"Nightline has been a great escape from studying and has allowed me to focus my efforts on other things that interest me."

"Nightline has had a huge impact on my life here at University, I've made so many new friends and developed lots of new skills, I don't think my experience here at Bath would have been quite as good without it."

"When applying for jobs interviewers showed keen interest in my Nightline experience, it was a great talking point."