Meet the committee

Bath Nightline has been running successfully for a number of years now and is continually growing and improving. In 2016, we became accredited with the Nightline Association.

We have a committee of 11 people who work really hard behind the scenes to run Nightline. Their email addresses are below so that you can contact them about anything related to their role - be it feedback, information requests or suggestions. If you are not sure who to direct your enquiry to the coordinators email address that can be found below. For alumni enquiries, please email

Internal Co-ordinator

Dhanishtha Upadhyay


External Co-ordinator

Hannah Brighty


Rota Manager

Chituwa Nankamba

Welfare Officer

Khushi Raju

Training Officer

Lauren Woods


Training Officer

Jessica Hitchcock


Anna Slegrova

Information Officer

Bridget Tsui

Publicity Officer

Tiffany Choeung

Publicity Officer

Kirsty Louise

Development Officer

Poetica Wang