Call-taking Volunteers

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Role Description

As a Bath Nightline volunteer, you are trained to provide support to anonymous callers via a telephone, email and Instant Messaging service. The support is non-judgemental and non-directive and so you will be trained not to give advice but to just be there for callers and to listen, which often helps callers to work through their problems themselves or at least feel relief that they can speak to somebody. We try to consistently review the performance of our volunteers to ensure we are providing the best possible service we can and we offer further training and/or progressing to be a debriefed volunteer or member of the Nightline committee. We are looking for volunteers who share the same enthusiasm as our current volunteers to join the Nightline team. No previous experience working on a telephone service or helpline is necessary and volunteers can be from any degree discipline.


Like every society we do require you to give your time on a regular basis and we ask that our volunteers sign up for a minimum of 1 shift every 3 weeks. Beds are provided for all volunteers, so don’t worry you can still sleep and complete your work!

Essential skills

  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Ability to show empathy and understanding
  • Excellent level of spoken English and be able to speak very clearly (this is very important!)
  • Desire to provide empathetic support for others
  • Dependable and will always keep to their word

Desirable Skills

  • Previous volunteering experiences (NOT essential)

How to apply?

To become a volunteer with us, you must attend and pass our training weekend. We hold two training weekends a year, usually one in October and one in February. Please contact the training officers if you are interested or have any queries or concerns at,

Applications are now open closed.

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